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The central focus of this book is to help you navigate the teen years in one certain area: your communication with your teen. It seems like this is one area that breaks down as kids pass from late childhood into adolescence. This doesn’t necessarily have to be. I know many families for which it is not true at all. But how do you do it? How can you deepen and strengthen the communication between college writers you and your teen? Are you destined for a strained, maybe even destructive relationship, like so many we see between teens and parents these days? I say no! You can have a close, intimate relationship with your teen, a relationship based on mutual love and respect. It’s not easy, and it will take work from both you and your teen. But it is possible. This book is designed as a way to help you and your teen develop the ability to communicate with each other

The focal center of this book is to help you explore the youngster years in one certain zone: your correspondence with your teenager. It appears as though this is one territory that separiates as children go from late youth into pre-adulthood. This doesn’t as a matter of course must be. I know numerous families for which it is not valid by any means. In any case, how would you isn’t that right? In what capacity would you be able to develop and reinforce the correspondence in the middle of you and your adolescent? Is it true that you are bound for a strained, possibly damaging relationship, similar to such a large number of we see in the middle of high schoolers and folks nowadays? I say no! You can have a nearby, hint association with your youngster, a relationship in view of shared love and regard. It is difficult, and it will take work from both you and your youngster. In any case, it is conceivable. This book is composed as an approach to help you and your high schooler build up the capacity to speak with each other